Contribute by joining our ongoing discussions

One way of contributing is through discussing the hosted datasets and the platform itself. We would like the community to get involved and to share comments and suggestions with us and other users. The goal is to create discussion around different issues so that they can be addressed with contributions of the community.

See some examples on how to contribute!

  The task instructions are not clear enough!
This is very important, let us know how to improve them!
  I found a mislabeled (or faulty) audio sample in one of the datasets.
Share it so that the community is aware! We'll try to amend it in the next release.
  How to improve the data collection workflow?
Suggestions are welcome!
  Do you disagree with a dataset taxonomy?
Always interesting to discuss this with the community.
  A new annotation task would provide useful data?
Tell us! It'd be great if you wanted to get involved in its definition.
  Do you use one of our datasets in your work?
Let us know in which context!
  Something is not working in the platform?
Share it with us and we'll try to fix it!
  Missing a functionality in the platform?
We are always open to suggestions to make it better.
  Want to host audio content in the Freesound Annotator?
Send us an email and let's talk.