FSD is a large-scale, general-purpose audio dataset

Thousands of audio samples from Freesound organised following the AudioSet Ontology

FSD: a dataset of everyday sounds

The AudioSet Ontology is a hierarchical collection of over 600 sound classes and we have filled them with 297,144 audio samples from Freesound. This process generated 685,403 candidate annotations that express the potential presence of sound sources in audio clips. FSD includes a variety of everyday sounds, from human and animal sounds to music and sounds made by things, all under Creative Commons licenses.





Gramophone record

Rattle (instrument)



Bathtub (filling or washing)

Sewing machine

New release out!

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Crowdsourcing annotations

By creating this dataset, we seek promoting research that will enable machines to hear and interpret sound similarly to humans. But to make FSD reliable enough for research, we need to verify the generated annotations. So we are now crowdsourcing annotations to build the first FSD release, which will include waveforms, audio features, ground truth and additional metadata. Our first goal is to gather at least 100 verified samples per category (whenever available). Wanna contribute?

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Categories shaded in red are AudioSet categories that are not considered for the first release of FSD. See our ISMIR2017 paper for more details.

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